Getting your COVID Vaccine from Kings Park Medical Centre


Dr Jason Wu: Hi my name is Jason Wu, I am a GP at Kings Park Medical Centre in Hillside.
We will be providing COVID-19 vaccinations from April onwards. I will step you through the process now.
Dr Jason Wu: Prior to your consult we recommend reading about the COVID vaccination. You can find information on our website, so you click here, and over here on the right, we recommend the ‘COVID vaccine FAQ’, the ‘informed consent form’ and also ‘preparing for your vaccine’.
Dr Jason Wu: When you arrive please park in this front car park in front of the Pharmacy, avoid parking in the back carpark.
Dr Jason Wu: You can come straight through, no need to call reception.
Dr Jason Wu:Make sure you bring a mask as you will be required to wear one during the entire consult, and over here you will get your temperature checked, and just need to clean your hands, and you will also be screened for COIVD symptoms.
Dr Jason Wu: You’ll be greeted by our staff who will hand you a consent form and vaccine card. You will then have an opportunity to fill it out here until the doctor calls you.
Dr Jason Wu: The doctor will provide some information about the COVID vaccine, will discuss the risks and benefits, and then will provide an opportunity for you to ask any questions.
Dr Jason Wu:When it’s time to have the vaccine, it’s just like any other vaccine – it just  goesstraight in to the arm.
Dr Jason Wu: When you have finished, you have to wait in this waiting area for at least 15 minutes for observation. You have an opportunity to read some post vaccination COVID information.
Dr Jason Wu: Our staff will book you for the second dose of the vaccine which will be 12 weeks from now. You will also receive this vaccine card, which will be proof that you’re had covid vaccine, so keep it in a safe place.
Dr Jason Wu: You may experience side effects after the vaccine – these include sore arm, a bit of cough and runny nose, chills and tiredness. If you have concerns about safety feel free to book with your GP to go through the facts. Having the COVID vaccine is optional but I would recommend all eligible patients do have the vaccine.

Dr Jason Wu: We know that having the coronavirus infection is a concern, with 1 to 3 out of 100 dying from the infection, 1 in 10 being hospitalised, and 1 in 10 having persistent symptoms even after clearing the infection,

Dr Jason Wu: The vaccine is proven to reduce all of these risks and having the vaccine not only protects you and your family, but also the wider community as well.