About Us

Mission Statement


Kings Park Medical Centre is committed to providing the community with an outstanding standard of medical care, going above and beyond the typical expectation of general practice.

We are located in the peaceful suburb of Hillside, on 40 Gourlay Road opposite a set of traffic lights & Allenby Road. We are the only practice in the area that boast of a unique and luxurious Japanese garden that offers a relaxing atmosphere for patients and staff to enjoy. Patients have access to ample parking onsite, both at the front and rear of the clinic. Bus stops for route 562 ( to & from Watergardens) are only a few meters away.

Our Practice Nurses

Our nurses are highly trained professionals who work with your GP and other members of the practice team, to provide safe, quality care. Nurses have different skills and responsibilities from GPs. Sometimes you might feel more comfortable discussing aspects of your care or asking questions of a nurse, rather than the GP. Having access to a nurse, increases the range of services we can provide at KPMC and may reduce your waiting time.

  • Agnes Castro
  • Diana Le
  • Angelica Cuya

Our Friendly Administrative Staff

Our professional and friendly reception and administration team are responsible for maintaining a calm and efficient environment at the practice. They are responsible for managing phone calls, answering patient questions and doctor enquiries, scheduling new and follow-up appointments, registering new patients, billing and receipting services, updating records and pretty much most other duties required to keep a medical practice running smoothly as possible. The medical receptionist is the key lynchpin for both the staff and patients of the practice.

  • Lea
  • Sarah
  • Joann
  • Lilibeth
  • Jeremiah
  • Geraldine
  • Catherine
  • Mary-Grace

Our Allied Health Professionals and Services onsite

  • Dentists: Dr Leonida Cartas, Dr Michael Tran & Dr Catherine Huang, Dr Lisa Wang, Dr Isabelle Seow
  • Diabetes Educator: Diane Gargya, MPS, AACPA, CDE
  • Dietician: Ms Tonya Paris and Leeanne Azzopardi
  • Exercise Physiologist: Marleen Ciappara
  • Naturopath: Akosura Silva
  • Occupational therapist & Acupuncturist: Mr Arun Sharma
  • Osteopath: Dr Romesh De Vos & Dr Jessica Groves
  • Pathology: Australian Clinical Lab
  • Pharmacists: Mr Daniel Niglia and Mr Peter Truong
  • Physiotherapist: Nishaant Kashyap and Kriti Madan
  • Podiatrist: Dr Gerard Zammit and Stephanie Giramondo
  • Psychologist - Clinical: Mr Kenan Rahmanovic and Antoniette Butler
  • Cosmetic Nurse and Dermal Therapist: Kate Binaday

Our Practice is proud to be

Accredited with Australian General Practice Accreditation Limited (AGPAL)

Accredited Life! provider for Diabetes Australia

One of the few recognised practices involved with the Australian Primary Care Collaborative (APCC), aimed at Chronic Kidney Disease , Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes prevention and care

Affiliated training centre for medical students from University of Melbourne - General Practice and Primary Health Care Academic Centre,and the Murray City Country Coast (MCCC) GP Training committed to training the next generation of health professionals

Accredited Yellow Fever Vaccine Provider

One of the few practices to be involved in the Doctors in Secondary School Program (DISS) to make primary health care more accessible to students.