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Bowel Cancer Awareness


Dr Jason Wu: Hi there I’m Dr Jason and today I’ll be talking about Bowel cancer screening.

In Australia bowel cancer is the 2nd most common cancer, and when we look at the statistics, 1 in 13 people will develop bowel cancer in their life.

If detected early though, 90% of cases can survive, but the problem is it is often detected too late.

We do have a test that can help detect bowel cancer, it’s this home test kit, and if you’re between 50 to 74yo, then you will get one posted to you every 2 years.

I highly recommend you do it, because it can help save your life. It’s quite an easy process and i’ll go through the steps now.

In terms of the samples you want to get 2 separate samples from 2 different poos.

  • Step 1 – Label green tube with name, date of birth, date sample collected.
  • Step 2 – Wee into bowel then flush.
  • Step 3 – Put liner into toilet bowl, sitting above the water, want the writing to be facing up.
  • Step 4 – Poo directly onto liner.
  • Step 5 – Twist tube open and run the stick through the poo in different directions. You don’t need much of a sample, just the size of a grain of rice. Click the tube shut.
  • Step 6 – Flush toilet including the liner.
  • Step 7 – Place tube in bag and into fridge, not the freezer.
  • Step 8 – Then pick another time when you will do a poo, can be the same day or a different day, or next day, or as soon as you can. Repeat the same process for the second sample (Steps 1-7).
  • Step 9 – Once everything is done, fill out the ‘Participant details form’ in the pack – then put the 2 samples and form in the reply paid envelope. Fill out the details on the back of the envelope and sign the front.
  • Step 10 – Post the envelope at a post office within 24 hours. If you can only go to a post box, post it in the late afternoon before 6pm. The samples need to stay cool, so don’t put them in a hot car or in direct sunlight.

Results will be mailed to you in a few weeks and will also be posted to your GP if you filled out their details on the form.

If you notice any bleeding, pain down there or any other strange symptoms, make sure to see us earlier in case it is something dangerous. Also if you have any other questions you’re also welcome to see us.

Receptionist Sarah: If you would like to know more about cancer testing, please see us at reception to book an appointment.